CIO Advisor


Our consultants and IT service partner’s combined industry experience, functional business understanding, management capability, geographic reach and technical depth can meet your specific needs in these areas:

  • IT Strategy and Planning: Integrating business and IT processes to allow for continuous assessment and necessary adjustments in response to new opportunities and changing market conditions.
  • IT Value Management: Formalizing the tools and processes needed to bring fiscal discipline to the IT function, enabling clients to run IT as a business.
  • IT Transformation: Working with clients to reshape technology operations and organization to achieve their vision for IT, guiding them through what can be a turbulent — yet extraordinarily high-value — change.
  • IT Sourcing Advisory: Examining the cost structures and service levels of current IT sourcing, whether insourced or outsourced and evaluating the options to improve cost and service through internal adjustments, vendor selection, contract negotiation and sourcing execution.
  • IT Assessment and Due Diligence: Evaluating IT strengths and risks across a wide array of IT disciplines, whether for current leaders looking to improve their organization or for a potential buyer seeking to understand whether IT will ultimately be an asset or a liability to the acquisition.
  • Business IT Governance: Institutionalizing the capacity to guide the formulation of IT strategy and plans, develop and implement initiatives and oversee IT operations in order to minimize risk, maximize return and build current and future value.

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