CFO Advisory Services


Companies face situations in which they may have immediate needs for an interim CFO.   This need can occur due to the completion of a transaction, when the business outgrows its current resources or an unexpected vacancy of the CFO role.  A growing business may also reach the stage where they require additional resources, but are not ready for a full time CFO.   RBG Services can assist by providing the financial leadership and expertise needed for your business to succeed.

Interim  CFO

Situations that result in the need for an Interim  CFO include:
  • a need to fulfill an existing CFO role that has been vacated;
  • a need to have a CFO to assist with banking issues;
  • a need to engage  a short-term interim CFO to provide decision makers more time to fulfill the permanent CFO role;
  • a need to assist with special transaction such as M&A due diligence and/or integration, a financing event, turnaround situation, growth and market expansion;
  • other specific special needs of limited duration requiring a highly-skilled CFO.
In these situations, an RBG Services CFO will work on a full time basis  as a senior member of the management team.  They will provide expertise to fulfill specific needs, can provide strategic guidance and can oversee day-to-day operation including  accounting, FP&A, human resources,  IT and facilities management as required.

Part-Time (Fractional) CFO
Many companies have a need for a highly-skilled CFO yet they cannot utilize or afford a  full-time permanent CFO. For these situations a part-time CFO will fulfill the CFO role on an ongoing basis and become a valued and integral part of the management team.

CEO Adviser – the Sounding Board for the Company’s leader
Owners of small companies are very familiar with the concept that it is lonely at the top. They frequently don’t have anyone with whom they can discuss strategies and issues. An RBG consultant as your CFO is just a good sounding board and partner. We have a wealth of experience and business insight a company owner can tap into.

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